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Concord Academy

vBulletin Forums

vBulletin is the product name for the Forum tool that provides group communications for Clubs, Organizations, Affinity Groups, and un-official self-defining groupings. Forum is the singular word, we are going with Forums for the plural (not Fora).


We have deployed a product called vBulletin (which we are simply calling CA Forums) as the solution for Club, Organization, and interdepartmental small group communications. The forums will come pre-populated with a groupings list based on the faculty-staff committee assignments, and thoughtful consultation with the CA Online Groups Coordinator, and will offer the ability for Adults and Students to spin up their own sub-sections. A-team students will be moderators on these forums, in roles similar to their work in CABBS Conferences. 

Forums are subscription-based, not provision-based. In CABBS, the workflow was that an Adult Admin pre-populated the conferences, in a manner similar (in-principle) to how some Google Groups are being provisioned-for now. Later this semester all Google Groups will be provisioned automatically, like the Schoology Courses are. Forums are created by-hand, based on user input, but the interested adult or student subscribes themselves to the forum. This is in alignment to the actual current practice of joining an online affinity group in the real world. In essence, all forums, sub-forums, and threads are available to whichever individuals have the view-rights to them. It is up to the individual to decide whether or not they wish to subscribe to the section of the forum. 


We are starting off with just two products in terms of Clubs and Organizations. We have CA Connect pages for Resources (find them below) and CA Forums for discussions. Soon there will also be a great Events and Calendaring tool for you as well. The TELE Guide will help you with directions to use these tools. CA Connect help pages are listed under the company name (Mindtouch) and CA Forums help pages are listed under the company name (vBulletin).

Please start editing your landing pages. Don't spin up Google Calendars for your Clubs, the new tool (Trumba) will be much, much better for you to use. Just leave the "embed your club calendar here" section blank for now.


Here's a little helper image, for folks that enjoy cognitive skills transfer:

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 2.27.32 PM.png

This image displays the three parts of the First Class interface, that were collectively considered "a conference."  Conferences were actually lists of links to documents, a side navigation section, a top "pages" section, and a list of other past "posts." We have the same kinds of parts now, but with better tools.

Email connection:

It is up to the individual to decide one of several different options regarding email notifications. Please visit the other CA Connect pages in this guide to learn what those options are. 

How do you get to the Forums?

Forums are accessed through the Forums Link at the top of CA Connect pages.

What if my Forum isn't named correctly?

Please advise the assigned A Team member about the name change. 

What if we need a Sub-Forum?

Our initial roll-out of Forums includes the creation of about 130 Forums and matching Mindtouch pages. First we want to pair back the number of Forums we have, before we start adding more. First, try building a Thread specific to the topic or sub-grouping that you are considering. If the number of different threads starts to grow (to a yet un-specified number) we will consider spinning up a new Sub-Forum and moving those Threads to that Forum. Conversely, if a Sub-Forum only has a little traffic, we will collapse it's Threads up to the Parent Forum.