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Use the Schoology Page tool to publish a course Syllabus

In order to provide a level of consistency across all our courses, use the Schoology Page tool to publish a Course Syllabus.


In a purely mechanical sense, a Syllabus is a text document used to communicate a course overview to students. Schoology pages are unique to a particular course, can't be lost, and can be easily updated.  Course assignments can link back to this document, and links can be created inside the document to act as a "Chapter of Contents" for your course.


There are a variety of ways to create a Syllabus with a Schoology Page, but for expediency's sake:


  1. Open a digital copy of your Syllabus (it can be a Word Document, a Google Doc, or a plain text file). PDF's don't work well here, because the text wont reflow.
  2. Create the Materials Folder inside the appropriate Schoology Course.
  3. Create a Page inside that Folder. A good name would be Course Syllabus. A better name would be Syllabus-Bio-2013-Doe.
  4. Copy and Paste the content of your open Syllabus Document into the Page editor, then save.
  5. Make certain that the document is visable to your students.



Besides now having an Authoratative Source document that can't be lost, and is always up-to-date, using a Schoology page for the Syllabus offers many additional advantages.

  • Assignments sent through Schoology can link back to this one document.
  • Links embeded in this page can direct traffic to other resources.