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Create pages in Schoology

Schoology gives you the ability to create Rich Text Web Pages inside of Materials Folders.


Create a custom page of text, images, videos, html or any combination of these elements. Each page has a rich-text (WYSIWYG) editor that allows you to customize font styles, colors, indents, etc. You can also upload files, embed videos, and customize the html of the page.


Create a Page:

To create a Page, use the Add Materials button located at the top of your course profile, then follow these steps:

1. Select Add Page in the Add Materials menu.

2. Enter a Page Title.

3. Use the editor to write custom content. Use the Insert buttons to insert images, videos or equations into the editor.  You can also toggle between Visual and HTML versions of the editor.

4. You can use File and/or Link/Embed to attach files, links or embeds to the bottom of the page.

5. Click Submit to complete.

Note: A page can also be created within a Course Folder or added to a folder after its creation. 


Create a Subpage:

Once you have created a Page, you can create Subpages to add additional content. Subpages allow users to navigate through content in an organized manner. To create a subpage, click into your Page, then follow these steps:

1. Click on the Gear Icon located on the upper right of the page.

2. Select the option to Add Subpage.

3. Enter a Page Title and create content.

4. Click Create to complete.



Additional points to consider: Schoology pages get copied to, not linked to, Schoology Materials Folders. If you insert a page into two different courses, then edit one of the pages, they won't match. To create a single web page that exists in multiple locations, consider building it in CA Connect, and linking it instead.