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Warning about Using your CA Google Apps Account to authenticate to websites

Google Apps integrations with other products can either be a wonderful addition to a user's workflow, or can lead to a devastating loss of information and work for a user.


Be extremely cautious and wary of signing up for websites and online applications with your CA Google Apps account. The following will examples will illustrate the dangerous situation, and the advantageous integration.

Using Google Accounts as a username/password REPLACEMENT:
Here is a sample screenshot of what it looks like to sign up to a website account on the internet:
Many websites offer you the ability to sign in, or create (provision) an account using your Google Username and Password. Instead of creating a new username and password for the service, the website relies on your having a Google Username and Password. The website in question can not distinguish that the Google account you are providing is a CA Google Apps account, rather than a consumer account. The danger is that if CA then decides to provision accounts for everybody, or for a select cohort of users with that application, then your previously accesible account will now become in-accesible FOREVER. 
If you would like to use, or have your class/department use an online application, at CA, please submit a help request with Tech Support. This will assure that your accounts are created in a way that is scalable and sustainable. 
This warning is not a policy decision, it is reality of Single-Sign-On authentication architecture, and the responsibility for adhering to this guideline rests on the user. The best practice here is to use your personal email accounts not only for personal email, but for associating with online accounts THAT CA IS NOT PROVIDING. The added danger is that this is a process that will initially work for the user (you), till it doesn't.
In an entirely different, but intuitively similar situation, you can leverage your Google Apps account to provide greater functionality for other services. How would you like the Evernote Notebook Sharing field to auto-populate with CA email addresses, like a Google Sharing field does?

Signing Up is Bad, Signing in might be OK.

In some cases, we have set up tools and services at CA that appropriately leverage the CA Google Apps Sign-In. Usually, you won't need to click on the Sign In button. Some tools, like the Google Apps Training Course, EasyBib, or other Google Apps Marketplace services might periodically "forget" that you are who you are. If in doubt, search for the service name here in CA Connect, or send a support request to


Can't remember what accounts you have used your Google Apps to authenticate against? The following URL should list the websites and applications that you have used with Google Apps: