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OneLogin App Panel

Explains what the OneLogin App panel is, and how to access it.


The OneLogin App panel was the temporary portal to accessing Google Apps, Courses, and a variety of tools for use at CA, unified with a single username and password schema (SSO). We have transitioned to a solution where our Knowledge Base tool (CA Connect, powered by Mindtouch) is the default landing page for accessing these tools. 

Originally the URL:

directed users to the OneLogin Temporary Apps portal:

The OneLogin APP panel:

This is what the temporary OneLogin App Panel Portal looked like. It is still accessible at the bottom of every CA Connect page (look for the link at the footer of CA Connect pages).

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 9.42.05 AM.png


Accessing the App Portal:

The OneLogin App portal can still be directly accessed by clicking on the OneLogin link at the bottom of every CA Connect page.