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Editing Site Links in Mindtouch

This is a reference page to document how to change the links in the navigation for this site. How to edit the site navigation links using templates. Explaining the header footer and left column. - Concord Academy Mindtouch defines the top navigation panel as the Header, the side navigation area as the Left Colum, and the bottom navigation as the footer. In order to edit those areas, you need to edit the appropriate template pages. 1) With a CA Connect administrator account, click on the Site Tools (wrench) icon. 2) Select Tempates from the dropdown menu. CAHeader - Concord Academy Navigating to the CAHeader page will take you to the location containing the dekiscript for the header. To edit that script, choose the edit button, change stuff, then save. The different parts of the page are designated as "classes." 1) Home Nav <div class="ca-header-home-nav"> 2) Banner <div class="ca-header-banner"> 3) Header Links <div class="ca-header-links"> 4) User Menu <span class="user-menu"> 5) Link <li><a href="#"> 'Science' </a></li> You can follow along the html to find to see the corresponding sections of code. Structure of the links code, within the Menu Dropdown. The History Dept link will work. The URL placeholder (#) has been replaced with the actual URL of the appropriate Knowledge Base Page. The Athetics link will display, but will not work. Adding more links 1) Edit the template page. 2) Duplicate an existing link. 3) Edit the title tag of the link. 4) Replace the placeholder hashtag or URL. 5) Save the template page. Refresh the Mindtouch site to see the changes. *Special Note: For the menus, there is a "first" and "last" attribute in the code, that you will want to maintain. Conditional formatting. There is even logic in links, so that you can choose to dispay or hide content, depending on the role of the user. 1) Only teachers get to see the DASHBOARD link in the Home Navigation Bar. 2) If a user isn't signed in (anonymous), they get a SIGN IN link. If they are signed in, the see a SIGN OUT link.   Related