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06) Employee Guide to where to create pages

It may seem counter-intuitive that a department may have multiple landing pages. Here we explain why this is.

Why are there multiple "home" pages for my department?

As the chart at the bottom of this page will illustrate, CA Connect is basically a help site, focused on centralizing help documentation for Students, and written for Students. Most pages under "All School" should be visible to all, or at least some, students.

It is also possible to create pages for Employees to help other Employees, or for the Members of a particular department to help each other. As you may have learned in the 05) Setting Permisions CA Connect page, Mindtouch pages default to inheriting the rights of the page above them. Though this can be overriden, it makes sense, cognitively, to seperate sections to help Employees intuit what pages can be seen by whom (rather than constantly having to check the page permissions).

The initial mapping of pages:

The following describes the initial plan for the page hierarchies. CA Connect is a fluid construct, and subject to change.

Mindtouch Knowledge Base - SiteMap.png