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04) Building new pages

CA Connect includes a variety of page templates that are useful for building new pages. It is important to place the new page in the appropriate section of CA Connect, and to also set the correct view preferences on the page.

The Where and the Why for building pages:

We can use CA Connect to create and publish content on the internet, in a safe and easy way. Basically, there are times that you need to share content with many people. Instead of attaching a document to an email, you can paste the content in a web page, and share the link to the page (or make it easy for other people to find the page).


Find the location in CA Connect that you want to start building your content. If you are unsure as to where to place it, build it under your userpage. Under the little person icon, you will find a "My Page" link.

Screenshot 2013-10-16 14.34.24.png


Or if you do know where you want to put the content, create the new page in the ideal location on CA Connect. Here are some common scenarios for building pages:

Mindtouch - New Page.png

Add your test pages under your userpage, or add resources under your club or course page.


Building pages:

From the editing toolbar on CA Connect, click on the New Page button.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 2.14.51 PM.png





This will bring up a list of templates, select User Guide and click on Create New Page.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.31.28 AM.png

(The list of templates available to you may differ). You can learn more about using the special templates in our IDF framework section.


You might want to start off with building blank pages, so choose the Blank page template.

Customize your Page


Time to get creative.

1. Choose the title of your new page [you'll be able to change this later if needed].

2. Paste in the content that you want to share. Don't forget to always save your updates.

Special Note about pasting in content from Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word injects "junk formatting" into text that interferes with Web Browser Editors. Please use the "Paste from Word" button to try to avoid this.

Screenshot 2013-10-29 09.44.10.png


Your page will inherit permissions and rights from the pages above it. Simply, if you create a page under the Clubs and Organizations section of CA Connect, everybody will find it. If you create a page under the Employees only section of CA Connect, only employees will be able to find it. You will find out more about these settings in the Sharing and Publishing Pages section of this guide.


Delete pages

Depending on the settings of a page, and the permissions of your account, it is possible to delete a page (though unlikely). Even if you are able to delete a page, a CA Connect administrator can recover it for you. If you lack the rights to delete a page, you can still make the page invisible by restricting access to the page, or moving it underneath your own user page.