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01) Reading Content on Mindtouch (CA Connect pages)

Probably the easiest thing to do in CA Connect.

Reading Content

You are probably reading this right now. In order to maintain consistency within the following pages, we will refer to the product name: Mindtouch. Specifically, we are describing Mindtouch pages. Mindtouch pages come in a variety of flavors. You will learn more about the different page types in the Building a Userguide section. Mindtouch pages can also hold "containers" where page content from a variety of different products can be held. 

How do you I fix something that is wrong?

Most Mindtouch pages have a "Was this article helpful?" link, which offers the authors or admins of the site useful feedback on how to improve and enrich content in CA Connect. You will see it to the left of any page.


Your feedback is tracked in a variety of ways. Reports are automatically run, revealing pages that are unpopular. If a report is submitted, or feedback logged, site admins have the ability to contact the users leaving the feedback, to ask clarifying questions, etc. 


Even if you don't leave feedback about Mindtouch pages, sophisticated usage reports can be run, highlighting popular pages, and identifying which content should be updated more regularly. Pages with very old content will also be reviewed for effectiveness. This is all part of the site analytics engine that is built into Mindtouch.


What's so special about links in Mindtouch?

Linked content persists in Mindtouch, even if the page changes, or is moved to another location. So, if you have bookmarked a page in Mindtouch, and the page has been moved to another location (changing the URL), Mindtouch is clever enough to direct you to the new location.