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Concord Academy

Migrating Content out of your CA Accounts

This guide helps you take away documents, calendars, and emails from your CA Google Account, prior to it being shut off.


Your CA Google Apps Enterprise account works a little differently than a regular consumer Google Account. You do, however, have options for taking content away with you. You may want to migrate your email contacts to another account and transfer your old emails to another email client. You may want to include alternative contact instructions in a vacation responder. Currently the best way to move your Google Docs to another account is to download them to your computer. Another option is to purchase a service that will transfer your content for you.

Some of these interventions take time to complete (depending on how many emails you have in your account), it could take a matter of days for them all to trickle into your new account. Please give yourself plenty of time to complete the steps outlined.

When will my email get shut off?

For employees of Concord Academy, or students that withdraw from the school, email stops working on their last day. Special dispensation is given to recently graduated seniors, as their email remains active till the last weekday in July. Once accounts are removed, they are gone forever, as the school does not backup expired account data. Even further special dispensation might be considered, on a case-by-case basis, to extend email forwarding rules, for academic purposes.