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Hapara Teacher Dashboard

Describes the Hapara Teacher Dashboard, and how to use it with Google Apps.


Teacher Dashboard provides an instructional management layer on top of Google Apps, giving educators a snap-shot view of student activity across Docs, Sites, Blogger, Picasa, Gmail, and Calendars. Institutionally we use Hapara to help create Course Calendar feeds, but there are many more features available to teachers. 


Where can I find the Hapara Teacher Dashboard?

The Hapara Teacher Dashboard is available through the "Dashboard" link at the top of every CA Connect page (visible only to Adults). Students do not have access to Hapara.


What are the benefits of Hapara?

Teachers and administrators get a snap-shot view of each student’s most recent work in Docs, Sites, Blogger and Picasa, organised by class and student. Behind the scenes we create a folder in drive for each class for each student, then we give the right teachers access – no more sharing issues for students – student just drop their homework in the right folder for each class.


  • Get a bird’s-eye view of each student’s activity in Google Apps
  • Automatically create subject folders for students
  • Hover over any link to see its contents – no more clicking through documents to view student progress and see who is on track
  • Filter by assignment title to easily locate each student’s work
  • Open student folders directly from the dashboard
  • Track student activity and engagement at a glance
  • Group and sort students

What are we not using?

We are not currently using Google+, Blogger, or Device Management features of Hapara. 

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