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Concord Academy

Connect Google Mail to Gmail

You can connect a CA Google Account to a personal Gmail account, so that all your school messages are backed up.


You can connect two accounts together, so that messages from one end up on the other. This helps if you are a student, wanting to take your CA emails away with you.


The Google Mail POP3 server settings for accessing incoming messages in any email program are:

  • Your CA Email Address
  • Google Mail POP user name: Your full CA address (, for example)
  • Google Mail POP password: Your school password
  • Google Mail server
  • Port 995
  • Always use a secure connection (SSL)

You may want to choose to label the messages (CA) and choose to skip the inbox. This feature is called the Google Mail Fetcher. You won't  won't be able to send messages as this account for very long, so you might want to skip that option.


Step by step instructions for connecting accounts are available here:

Check emails from other accounts using Gmail


Want to just download them?

Instead, you could opt just to download old messages locally to your computer. To do so, use Google Takeout:

When to use this feature?

Use this functionality when you want to take your old messages with you.

Possible Error messages:

Server denied POP3 access for the given username and password.

Server returned error: "[AUTH] Web login required

There was a problem communicating with

In your CA account, you may need to Enable less-secure Apps for that account >><wbr/>settings/security/<wbr/>lesssecureapps

Then go here:<wbr/>com/b/0/DisplayUnlockCaptcha

Then (in a different browser) sign in to the new Gmail account ( the one you are trying to fetch mail into )  and set up Mailfetcher within the 10 minute window you are allowed.