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Manager's Guide to adding Members to Google Groups

DEPRECATED Manager's Guide to adding Members to your Google Group

This guide is deprecated. The automated sync mechanism for Google Groups will now override these changes. This guide is still accessible to help people understand that a protocol change has occurred. Currently the procedure to get Group Membership to change in Google Apps is for a manager to send a request into tech support.



Please navigate to My Groups

1) Click on Groups in the black Google Services Navigation bar.
2) Click on the My Groups button.

Please navigate to My Groups

Select the Departmental Google Group in question.

These instructions work for any Google Group that you are a manager for. If you are not identified as a manager, please contact

Select the Departmental Google Group in question.

Select the Manage link.

Select the Manage link.

Click on the Direct add members link (do not choose Invite)

Click on the Direct add members link.

Start typing in the user's name, then select the user from the pop-up prompt

Please leave All Email: send each message as it arrives selected.
Click Add.


We have discovered that Inviting Members will generate an email invitation to the end-user, which once sent prevents even an administrator from directly adding the invitee.

Do not invite the member. Please directly add them.

Screenshot 2014-01-10 09.46.24.png


We are extending this ability for CA community Department Chairs to directly manage and add members to their Internal Google Groups, in order to facilitate the start of the Academic School year. Once we align our administrative practices to our known institutional data, Group Membership association will be automated. At that point, users not identified as being members of the particular department, through our HR data, will be removed. Manager settings for individuals in the department will also be removed.

Please do not add members to your Internal Departmental Google Group that are not in your department.
Please do not try to add email addresses of individuals that are not from our domain (do not end with

If you have questions, please contact

Thank you!