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Google Groups for Internal Department Communications

How CA employs Google Groups for Internal Dept. Communications (Policy & Practice).


Welcome to your new Internal Departmental Google Groups!
CA Google Apps internal department Google Group (a long name for the tool that replaces CABBS conferences for internal department communications). You can also see what Google Groups you have been subscribed to by clicking on the Groups link above, in the Black Google Services navigation bar.
We have created these Google Groups in order to facilitate departmental communications, document sharing, and calendar event invitations. Only users identified (through HR) to be members of the department, will be able to use this address. This feature has made it a bit difficult to communicate, . . . um, to the individual groups, about the groups, without actually being in the groups. 
Note, for the beginning of the year Departmental Google Group Membership will remain static, but future expansion will include automated Group Membership, based on HR data.
Current Group membership is limited to the data available on the day of provisioning. Any messages sent to the Group, or documents shared to the Group, will be available for the new hires, as soon as they are added. As best as possible, we will make the department heads of the groups "managers" of the Groups, which allows them to add new members. 
We will not be able to automatically create labels or filters for these groups. In order to create filters for the messages generated by this group, consider following these instructions: https://support.<wbr/><wbr/>hl=en All messages from the Group will have the Groups's name appended to the Subject Line [AOD]. 
We will add more documentation and training regarding use of this tool and process.
Please direct questions about this process to tech_support@concordacademy.<wbr/>org.