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01. Basics

This describes Evernote Core Concepts.


Notes are the basic unit for storing information in Evernote Business. You can capture just about anything in a note, including text, photos, audio, Web Clips, PDFs and files. Every Evernote Business user creates notes a little differently, and it is this versatility that makes Evernote Business a powerful and flexible tool for capturing, storing and sharing all of the information that matters to your business. Some examples of information commonly captured in notes include photos of diagrams and sketches, audio of meetings, and Web Clips of reference materials.


Notebooks are collections of notes and the primary way that information is organized in Evernote. Notebooks can be used in many different ways, including organizing notes by team, project, and product. There are three types of notebooks in Evernote Business:

Personal Notebook: Every user of Evernote Business also has access to Evernote for personal use. Personal Notebooks and all of the notes they contain are controlled and accessible by the user only and are completely private. No one, not even the Evernote Business Admin, can view, edit or share the contents of a user’s Personal Notebooks. Personal Notebooks can be shared with anyone or everyone, regardless of whether they are associated with the same Evernote Business account, and can even be shared via the web with people that do not have Evernote.

Business Notebook: Business Notebooks are notebooks that a user has specifically created to fill with notes related to the business, and can be shared selectively or shared companywide. Business Notebooks are great for organizing notes at all levels of your organization. For example, a user might create one Business Notebook to keep all of their work-related research, while a product team might create a Shared Business Notebook for each phase in their product development cycle that is accessible to the entire team. The company has the right to access, use, manage and modify any notes that are stored in a Business Notebook, even if the Business Notebook has not been shared or published to the company's Evernote Business.

Recommended Business Notebook: Recommended Business Notebook is a designation given by the Evernote Business Admin to any Business Notebook they believe is a must-view by everyone in the company. When an Evernote Business user views a list of Business Notebooks in the Business Home, Recommended Business Notebooks are featured prominently at the top of the list of Business Notebooks. There are many possible reasons to designate a Recommended Business Notebook, including to feature Business Notebooks that contain important company forms, policies, news, and documents.

Business Home

The Business Home is your company's central repository of Business Notebooks that users have decided to share with the entire company, including Recommended Notebooks, which are featured prominently.

Any Evernote Business user can publish a Business Notebook to the Business Home and specify whether other users are able to view and/or edit the contents of the shared Business Notebook. Your company's Evernote Business Admin may remove or change the permissions of anything in the Business. Every Evernote Business account has one Business Home.