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02. Evernote Business User Roles

Every individual that is joined to your company's Evernote Business account can be assigned one of two roles: Admin or User.


Evernote Business User

Every Evernote Business user receives all the benefits of Evernote Business, as well as the ability to create Business Notebooks, and access every Business Notebook that has been shared with the whole company

Evernote Business Admin

Evernote Business Admins also have administrative control over the company’s Evernote Business account, which includes access to the Admin Console that enables the following:

  • View and modify billing information
  • Invite new users and increase/decrease total number of users
  • Enable and disable Evernote Business user accounts
  • Select Recommended Notebooks for the Evernote Business
  • View, modify, share and manage all Business Notebooks in any user account and those shared with the whole company