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Concord Academy

01. Evernote Business Basics

The following is a list of concepts that you should familiarize yourself with to use Evernote Business. Data Privacy & Ownership Evernote’s Three Laws of Data Protection Evernote’s Three Laws of Data Protection are the core guiding principles for how we treat your company’s data. Everything we do at Evernote follows these three basic rules: Your Data is Yours Your Data is Protected Your Data is Portable We understand the importance of keeping your company’s data safe and secure and are committed to building a trusted relationship with our customers. For more information on Evernote’s Three Laws of Data Protection, see Evernote CEO Phil Libin’s statement on the Evernote blog. Data Ownership Everything saved in Personal Notebooks by an Evernote Business user is completely private. No one, not even your company's Evernote Business Admin can access the contents of a Personal Notebook. The ownership and copyright of all data that is placed in your Evernote account is retained by the original owner. The business has the right to access, use, manage and modify any content that is placed into an Evernote Business Notebook within a user account, regardless of whether the note has been shared with the company's Evernote Business.