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00. Evernote Business vs Sponsored Group

This section of pages describe the Evernote Product, and account types

Free Evernote Account

A major advantage of using Evernote at CA is that users get access to an amazing application, and they get to keep their content when they leave CA. Evernote is a tool for individuals, that we are expending effort to deploy to the entire organization. The use of the tool outweighs the necessary challenges of getting users "signed up" for it.

Unlike most of the other tools that are being used at CA, Evernote is principally designed to be an individual user account. You own your Evernote content and username (forever), and nobody at CA can see inside your personal notes. When you leave CA, you will get to take all your content with you.

Evernote accounts have no size limit. The only limitation is how much you can upload a month.

A free Evernote account has a usage limit of 60 MB/month. 

Every user starts off having a free Evernote account. In order to take advantage of the CA Evernote options, you will need to upgrade your account to our Business Account implementation. You will not be able to share notebooks without upgrading your account.



Evernote Premium Accounts

An individual can purchase a premium membership account. This offers a greater usage quota (1,024 MB/month). It also offers other advantages, such as offline access to notes on a phone, etc.

CA Sponsored Evernote Premium Accounts

When we rolled out Evernote originally at CA, the only way to facilitate paying for user accounts was to use the Sponsored Evernote Premium implementation strategy. This process is being deprecated, and we are moving to the Evernote Business Product.

Evernote Business

Evenote Business accounts are special Premium accounts with even greater usage allotments (2,048 MB/month). It also comes with an institutional notebook sharing environment, where we can push out and update certain collections of notebooks automatically.

We will be transitioning to Evernote Business notebooks in the coming weeks.