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EasyBib Training Resources

Included here are resources gathered from around the web about using and learning about EasyBib.

Tutorial Video

Video resource from EasyBib documenting best practices with the School Edition.

More resources from EasyBib

Please visit our instructional guides page for tutorials, webpages, and presentations that walk users through the benefits of and how to use EasyBib’s School Edition features. There is also a great FAQs page that can answer many of the questions you might have.

If you’re interested in a professional webinar, please visit:  Training Webinar Schedule.

Highlights of School Edition include:

  • Website Evaluation — Shows student what factors to consider when examining a website’s credibility.
  • Learn Cite Tool — Pops up to the right of an input box in a citation form. Provides targeted help.
  • Analyze Feature – Examines the quality of a bibliography and helps students improve their score(s).
  • Research Tab – Helps students explore and narrow down a research topic.
  • Notebook — Digital note-taking in a user-intuitive space.
  • Sharing Function – Collaborate with others, or allow a teacher to comment on a student’s bibliography.
  • Importing Citations From Databases – Students now have an easy way to add citations from various databases to their EasyBib bibliographies.
  • Source Guides — Click “help” on a citation form for source definitions, examples, and direct links to forms.
  • Educator Student Guides – Lesson plans that tie to Common Core Standards, and printable guides that compliment your classes.
  • Administrative Features – See School Analytics to monitor a student’s usage of EasyBib or use Student Search to check in a student’s account or reset their password. This feature can be enabled for your account upon request

Additional Downloads and Resources

Here’s an awesome infographic detailing our features and benefits at a glance. Share it with your friends!

You can also read about us in the School Library Journal’s article “Sarah’s Picks: Top Tech Tools,” on the Teaching Blog Addict, the #1 teaching blog online. Read more about our Library Edition on the profile of Michelle Hammond, Associate Director of Public Services at Morgan State University.



How do I import citations?
Once you have created a premium account click the "All 58 options tab" and click "Upload citations." Here you can import citations, as well as find links on how to do this. You can see examples here.

Our students cite a lot of journal articles, but sometimes EasyBib does not pull up the journal information. Why?

While we support autociting for many journal titles, our dataset isn't comprehensive. We are working with more and more databases to include a larger library of journal articles and other sources. If your article does not appear, you can manually enter the information, or if the database supports citation export, you can export the citation data as a bibtex or endnote file and then upload it into EasyBib.

Is there an export option on EasyBib for Google docs?

You can export a full formatted bibliography to Google docs by clicking on the "Save as Google docs" button on the bibliography view page.