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Offer multiple services, each with its own settings, for yourself or for your entire team.


In tandem with personal calendars
With ScheduleOnce services any number of staff members can accept service appointments directly in their personal calendars. You can simply add services to your personal MeetMe page, or use ScheduleOnce services with multiple staff members. Staff members can use their own ScheduleOnce accounts or accept service appointments in their personal calendars without the need for a ScheduleOnce account.

Powerful and flexible

ScheduleOnce services do not follow the rigid staff-services framework that is so common in most appointment schedulers. Pick any appointment scheduler that supports services and you will be able to define duration, price and maybe another setting or two at most. With ScheduleOnce however, each service is completely independent in its settings, just like our MeetMe pages. This efficient and powerful design allows you to vary any setting according to the unique characteristics of each service, resulting in better utilization of your staff members and their time.


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