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Concord Academy

Calendar Onboarding Strategy and Agenda

This page captures the Agenda for the Calendar Training Workshops at Concord Academy.


The new enhancements to our Concord Academy Calendaring strategies allow for improved collaboration and transparency. Concord Academy community members will now be able to see what rooms are in use throughout the academic day, what courses students and teachers are attending, and the availability of other people. By inviting students to meetings in Google Calendar, we are equipping the other stakeholders that work with those students with understanding as to how they are spending their time.

As an institution, we are mirroring the best-practices of other educational environments (and workplaces). We are preparing our students for their academic future, and we are equipping our team members with the information that they may need to assist students.

Besides the applications that are listed below, we are deploying sign-up tools that leverage student availability for student-facing service departments like the Academic Support Center, College Counseling, Student Life Events, and IT Services support meetings. 

Events and Course Calendars

Understanding what we mean when we say Event & Feed.

Understanding the different feed types in Google Calendar.

This is the Google Calendar Application.

     The feed with your name is your free/busy feed. 

     If you teach or are enrolled in a course, there will be a feed for your course in Google Calendar.

Old courses are not automatically removed. 

         At the beginning of the Semester, Course meeting times are added directly into the Free/Busy feeds of the Room feeds, Course Feeds, and Instructor feeds. After Add/Drop, students are also added to the course meeting time events.

          Show example of appointment slots

Published Events

     This is the CA Events feed.  (Google Calendar)

     This is the CA FacStaff Planner feed. (Google Calendar)


     This is the Concord Academy Events page. (Trumba embed)

     This is the Student Life Events page. (Trumba embed)

New Special Events Policy

Having a Special Event? Add to the CA Event Notification Feed.

Want it on Trumba/CA Connect?: Add to the CA Event Notification Feed. Fill out Event Submission Form.

Moving Forward

Discussion: Google Course Calendar feeds are for identifying where people need to be (Class meeting times, Department meetings). Schoology Course calendar feeds are for identifying what people need to do (deadlines, tasks, assignments). 

Google Apps Training resources.

HW or practicum: Make a calendar event. Invite other people.


Find Event pages on CA Connect:

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