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Concord Academy

03) Room Reservations

Outlines the process for reserving shared resources like meeting rooms and computer labs. This is the technical process, not the policy process. Please seek out the appropriate permissions before booking a resource.


With CA Connect, we have changed the way that people reserve shared spaces like meeting rooms and computer labs.  

All of the existing "reservable" resources are now "resource calendars" in Google Calendar.  To reserve a space, just add it to your event in Google Calendar.

Resource calendars are available for every classroom on campus, and automatically include classes that occur in those spaces. All class meetings show up as events in both the room calendars feeds and as events in the teacher's free/busy and course calendar feeds.


The best practice for signing out a lab during your normally scheduled class is to change the room associated with the event for that day.

As always, please remember that we have training resources available for learning how to use Google Apps at CA.


If something is wrong with your Google Calendar application, or the resource calendar feed for the room, please email

If you are unable to get visibility into a particular event, and you need help negotiating rooms, Nancy Howard has visibility into all classroom feeds, and many of the shared multi-use rooms.