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Concord Academy

02. Feed Types and Resource Calendars

Besides an individual's Free/Busy named calendar feed, Google Calendar offers the ability to associate Free/Busy Calendar feeds, to describe the availability or rooms and other objects.


Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 10.37.00 AM.png

You start off within Google Calendar by having a Free/Busy Feed created of your availability. Any event that you place in your Named Calendar feed communicates to the rest of CA that you are doing something at that time.

You may add Calendar feeds for CA organizations that you belong to, or find that those feeds are added to your view automatically.

You are welcome to subscribe to other Calendars, like the Free/Busy Calendar feeds of other individuals in Concord Academy. 

You can also subscribe to the Calendar feeds of organizations that are external to Concord Academy.

Resource Calendars:

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 10.37.12 AM.png

At CA we have published Calendar feeds for a variety or rooms and objects. These resources will have real live human moderators, equipped with the institutional knowledge and expertise to assist you in best negotiating the space or object with the other interested parties.

Published Institutional Calendars:

There were a number of Calendar feeds that were published externally, on our school's website, that pertained to events that were mandatory or otherwise official. Chapel rota, Faculty meetings, all-school assemblies, etc will now be revealed directly inside your Google Calendar Application.

Course Calendars:

Calendar feeds will become available for teachers and students, connected to the actual class enrollments of current classes. These feeds will be populated with event data associated with actual meeting times and guest enrollments. Simply put, the CA Google Calendar Class feeds are about where and when your class meets, and offers further visibility into what rooms are being used at any time. In contrast, the Schoology Calendar tool is mostly concerned with Assignments and Deadlines

A visual description of Free/Busy Calendar feeds, Resource Calendar feeds, and how Event Negotiations will be handled:

Copy of SIPOC Diagram - Free-Busy.png