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Concord Academy

Login issues

Please visit the Status Links page (bottom left-hand corner of every CA Connect page) for information on outages for our services.

Common reasons why your login to CA Connect might fail:

In the order of prevalence:
1) Wrong password.
Most commonly the user is not putting in their network password, that is, the password they use when accessing a school-owned computer. A small subset of administrative users may log into a different identity server at CA for their desktop (ADMIN1), and this password would also not necessarily be the same as their password needed for CA Connect.
2) Outdated or un-supported browser.
Issues have arisen when users attempt to connect to our services with out-of-date browsers. Here are links to the recommended browsers:
Internet Explorer browser, Safari browser, or mobile device web browsers may not work, and are not supported by IT Services.
3) No account for CA Connect.
In some rare cases we have found individuals (often house parents, coaches, or music teachers) that are part of the CA community, and even had CABBS accounts, but lacked network logins. Most often the account actually exists, but the user has never used that login. We are setting people up as soon as we are made aware of the issue.
4) You are a parent trying to log in to the Concord Academy Student Information Portal (for forms, grades/comments, etc.).
You can't get to the Student Information Portal from here, so please go to:
5) You are trying to access the alumnae/i pages.
You can't get to alumnae/i resources from here, so please go to: 
6) You are a student at Concorde Career Colleges (
We are an independent high school in Massachusetts. If you are pursuing quality training in the healthcare field, you have come to the wrong place.
If you don't know your network login, please feel free to call Tech Support at 978-402-2297.  The green "help" button on the left side of the login window will also automatically generate a help ticket.  To help us be efficient, please don't email or call individual staff members in the IT Services department directly.