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Known Issue Google Mail Login page not found

Error 337 This Webpage is not found SPDY Protocol Error


Users are identifying a problem with logins to Google Mail when using an out-of-date Chrome Browser

Edit sectionUsing the links above, Mail and Drive show the following page:
Screenshot 2014-01-08 09.07.41.png
This is happening on both Mac and Windows computers, using an old version of Chrome Browser. A simple (but consistent) work-around is to hit the refresh button TWICE.  
Screenshot 2014-01-08 09.52.06.png
This seems to be a Google issue, not internal to our login tool. Even if the work-around solves the problem for you, please log a help ticket with tech support (by sending an email to so that we can narrow down the factors that generate this problem. 

A more permanent fix has been to update the Chrome Browser to the current version (31.x). If simply checking for updates through the in-browser version checker does not work, please visit the direct download page for Google Chrome for Mac OS, and this installer for Windows PCs.