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Concord Academy

01: Enrollment Contract

On this page, you will find information about the process for completing and submitting your contract to attend Concord Academy.


In order for a student to attend Concord Academy, families must complete and submit an enrollment contract.  For returning students, these contracts are generally issued in mid-February, and due by  early March.  For new students, these contracts are sent with the Admissions packet about March 10, and are due in early April.  Specific dates vary from year to year, and are spelled out in the materials that families receive.

To assure that Concord Academy clearly understands a family's intent, only a single contract is issued for each student.

What You Need to Do

When you have received your Concord Academy enrollment contract, there are several steps required before the contract can be accepted as complete.  A checklist is included with the contract.  You will find additional details below.

Payment Options

Concord Academy offers three tuition payment options:

A – single payment – due July 1
B – two payments – 60% due July 1, balance due December 1
C – ten payments – due monthly, May 1 through February 1

All payment plans will be administered by Smart Tuition.  Additional information about Smart Tuition including payment instructions can be found here

Tuition Refund Insurance

To protect families' financial investment in a Concord Academy education, we offer tuition refund insurance.

Tuition refund insurance is required by Concord Academy unless full payment for tuition is received by July 1.

This insurance is available through the AWG Dewar Tuition Refund Plan.  For the 2019-20 school year, the premium is .65% of the student's tuition, after being reduced by any financial aid award.  A document with details of the plan can be found here.

On your contract, you may decline this insurance coverage by selecting payment plan "A" (full payment by July 1) and choosing the appropriate box to opt out of this insurance coverage.

Student Injury and Sickness Insurance

Concord Academy is concerned about the health and welfare of its students.  As a result, we require that all students have injury and sickness insurance coverage in Massachusetts.

You must provide proof of insurance that is acceptable to Concord Academy.  For students without adequate coverage, Concord Academy offers an insurance policy. Details of this policy will be available in the spring and are not included with this contract.


Only one contract will be issued per student. If there are two financially responsible parents/guardians; both parents or guardians must sign it.  Also, please make sure all appropriate boxes are checked.  Contracts with missing signatures or checkmarks will be returned. 

For students receiving financial aid, the contract package will also include a separate Financial Aid Award Agreement.  This must be signed and returned with the contract.

Registration Deposit

Refer to the contract for the total amount of the required registration deposit.  The contract describes the allocation of the registration deposit toward tuition, security deposit, and funding for the Student Activities Account (see below).

For those wishing to send the registration deposit by wire transfer, instructions can be found here. Please note that wires for registration must be sent to this account.

Contract Due Date

Note the submission deadline for the contract, listed directly above the signature section on the second page of the contract.  The deadline is March 1 for returning students, and April 10 for new students.

Other Financial Considerations

Student ID Cards

Students are issued an ID card at the beginning of their first year at Concord Academy. These cards allow students to access the student houses and other campus buildings. Please be advised that if lost or damaged, replacement cards cost $35 each.

Student Activities Account

Concord Academy maintains a Student Activities Account for each student with funds to cover expenses such as:

  • textbooks (for students receiving financial aid)
  • transportation from/to the airport
  • MBTA passes (day students only)
  • academic expenses
  • athletic equipment not provided by the school (e.g., team jackets and other sports clothing)
  • student activities, clubs, class fund-raisers, and outings
  • school supplies and snacks
  • medical expenses (e.g., prescriptions and doctor’s office visits)
  • laundry

for students paying full tuition:  In August, a portion of the registration deposit that you submit with your contract will be applied to the student’s activities account.  The specific amount is shown on your contract.  Any amount left on deposit is carried over to the following school year.  Graduating seniors will receive a refund of any remaining funds.

for financial aid recipients:  A financial aid award is applied to the student’s activities account based on a graduated scale corresponding to the student's class year and status as a boarder or day student.  The Financial Aid Award Agreement, part of the contract package, details the amount of this additional financial aid.  Unspent portions of these financial aid deposits are carried over for the student's use in following school years, but remaining balances from these funds are not refunded to students upon graduation.

Expenses for each student will depend on his/her spending habits and restrictions.
Families are responsible for any amounts spent in excess of these initial deposits.  A minimum balance of $100 is required in the account at all times.
Each month, parents or guardians will be emailed an itemized statement of charges to the activities account. You may deposit additional funds by sending a check to the Finance Office.

Music Lessons

Students have the opportunity to register for private music lessons as part of the process to register for other classes.  Private music lessons require a full-year commitment.  Students receiving financial aid are eligible to receive a music grant for one instrument each year.  Music grants are calculated at the same percentage as a student's tuition grant.  Full payment for music lessons is due when billed in the fall and may not be included in the ten-month payment plan.