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Concord Academy

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The Centipede,Concord Academy’s official student-run newspaper, aims to inform, spark curiosity, and generate discussion within the school community and beyond. A chronicle of our institution’s history, The Centipede is delivered monthly to more than four hundred readers, offering school-related news, commentary, arts, sports coverage, and photos.

By publishing informative, thought-provoking articles, Centipede staffers aim to lend a passionate, thoughtful, and honest voice to the ideas and needs of our school community. We spark discussions over controversial issues, but we also coalesce conflicting perspectives to create a constructive path forward.

The 2016-17 Editorial Board consists of twenty-two dedicated, inquisitive editors and staff writers, ranging from sophomores to seniors. Working alongside faculty advisor Ed Rafferty, our staff meets weekly over a 75-minute period to produce each issue. The four-week news schedule gives our staff exposure to reporting, writing, editing, photography, layout, business, and other aspects of professional journalism.

Over the years, The Centipede has had the opportunity to share the lives of thousands of students and faculty members at Concord Academy. We watched our peers strengthen friendships, make art, debate politics, celebrate diverse cultural backgrounds, and fight for a better school community. We watched our peers dedicate their lives to their passions, and to each other. And we did the same, week after week, to share Concord Academy’s narrative.

We hope our stories can reach more readers. If you would like to witness the growth of Concord Academy and our community’s deep-rooted commitment to diversity, common trust, and love of learning, please subscribe to The Centipede. Current students and faculty members receive free copies of every issue in their mailboxes, but requests for home delivery should be emailed to Nancy Howard in Student Life.

Many thanks,

Shannon Sun '17