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Concord Academy

Student Parking Permit Request Form

Juniors and seniors are allowed to drive to campus, space permitting. Parking Permits for 2021-22 will be issued during the first week of classes. Families are asked to complete this form and return to the Operations Department by September 1, 2021 (either by mail or by email to: If your child anticipates receiving a license during the academic year, this form can be filled out at that time.

STUDENT NAME________________________________________ GRADE______________

HOMETOWN__________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH________________

VEHICLE MAKE______________ MODEL_____________ YEAR_______ COLOR________

PLATE #________________________

Please initial to show your understanding of the following driving policies, and that you will abide by each:

  • I understand that a day student who transports a boarding student who does not have the appropriate permission will lose their parking and driving privileges for a portion of time (first offense is usually 2 weeks, but could vary based on the specifics of the violation)

  ____               ____

(parent)          (student)

  • I understand that day students may only use cars to commute between home and school.

  ____               ____

(parent)          (student)

  • I understand that students are not permitted to drive themselves or be driven by another student during the academic day unless they have received permission from the Student Life Office. 

  ____               ____

(parent)          (student)

  • I understand that students should not go back to their cars during the academic day and are expected to bring with them what they will need for the day.

  ____               ____

(parent)          (student)

  • I understand that parking at CA remains a privilege.     

  ____                ____

(parent)          (student)

PARENT SIGNATURE_______________________________________ DATE________ CELL #_________________

STUDENT SIGNATURE______________________________________ DATE________ CELL #_________________


Date Form Received:_______________________________

Student ID #:_____________________________________

Parking Permit #:__________________________________

Date of Issue:_____________________________________