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Concord Academy

Boarding Packing List

Due to the evolving situation around Covid-19, the information found on this page is subject to change. Please see our Healthy Concord webpage for the most up to date information about Concord Academy’s response and reopening plans. 

Each house is furnished with the following items:

  • In typical times, a shared kitchen area is accessible which includes: refrigerator, sink, oven, microwave, stove top cooking surface, dishwasher, dishes, pots and pans, and other cooking utensils and supplies. Ovens are an earned privilege for those who attend a comprehensive training and request permission, to ensure adult supervision. 
    *Covid-19 Update: Kitchens will be closed until further notice. Students will still have access to microwaves and refrigerators, but not the ovens. Students may bring their own mini-refrigerator for their room if they prefer for this year (for 2020/21). Only one is allowed per room.

  • Iron and ironing board

  • Filtered cold and hot water

  • Students have access to free laundry machines across campus as well.

  • TV and common living room space

Each room is furnished with the following items:

  • Twin bed with XL size mattress

  • Bureau with small mirror

  • Small garbage and recycling bins

  • Desk (with drawers), chair, overhead light and desk lamp

  • Curtains/shades

  • Rug

  • Closet or wardrobe

What is essential for boarding students to bring? 

Overall, we recommend following the phrase "less is more" when packing, as space is limited and one can always have things sent or borrow items from a friend.  *Please label each item and piece of clothing with your child's name.*

  • Blanket and comforter: It can get quite cold so we recommend bringing a blanket and one comforter
  • Sheets and pillow: Student beds are extra-long, so please be sure to purchase the correct XL size.

  • Bathroom slippers or flip flops to wear to and from the shower

  • Bathrobe and towels 

  • Soap, shampoo, toiletries and a small plastic tote for carrying toiletries

  • Laundry bag and laundry detergent.  We strongly recommend fragrance-free laundry detergent (and no dryer sheets please) to reduce the environmental and health impact of these fragrances.  

  • Athletic shoes

  • Surge protector and extension cord(s)

  • Ear buds or earphones to use for classes if and when needed

  • Hangers

  • Winter jacket, mittens/gloves, hat and waterproof boots (it typically remains cold here until April)

  • Formal clothing: Students will be asked to dress in formal clothing for graduation and Formal this year. Examples of formal attire are as follows: dress, blouse, skirt, dress, dress pants/khaki slacks, sports jacket, tie and dress shoes. No jeans are to be worn at these formal occasions. We encourage students to borrow clothing from others or use clothing they already have - no need to buy new. 

  • A thermometer for daily symptom checks. We also recommend that your child bring a small "health-care kit" with whatever they might use at home for colds, headaches or small cuts, eg: cough drops, Band-Aids, Ibuprofen. This is just for convenience, as students can always contact the nurse-on-call or their house faculty if they need anything.

  • Laptop computer or Tablet:  We recommend that each student have a laptop or tablet.  The Financial Aid Office will be in touch with financial aid families in July to relay finance options offered by the school, as all Financial Aid students qualify for a Technology Grant. 
    We strongly recommend installing a tracking application on the computer or tablet, in case it goes missing and we need to track it.   Printers are not necessary in student rooms, as the school offers free printing across campus. 

  • Cell phone:  We recommend that each student have a cell phone.  Students find having a cell phone greatly helps them communicate with family and friends from home, but also helps them feel connected with others across campus.  At the beginning of the year, we ask students to program specific numbers into their phone so they can easily reach an adult on campus for safety.  Our school uses an online app-based system, called Boardingware, to track each student's whereabouts, so having a cell phone will greatly improve each child's ability to sign in and out. We recommend installing an electronic tracking app on any device (phones, computers, etc), such as "find my iphone" in case something goes missing. 


Due to safety precautions and a limited number of electrical outlets, students may only have the following electrical appliances in their rooms:

  • Radios, speakers

  • Hair dryers or hair straighteners (only with automatic shut-off)

  • Alarm clocks

  • Fans

  • Personal computers and a printer (although most students do not have printers in their room, since the school provides free printing all across campus)

Students may not have the following items in their rooms:

  • Televisions (there is one in the common room), TV screens or oversized computer monitors used for gaming or TV watching in rooms.  

  • Coffee makers

  • Electric blankets

  • Video games and equipment

  • Irons (the school provides each house with one iron)

  • Hot plates, toasters (the school provides a microwave and oven in each house for those who gain permission)

  • Heating coils, electric kettles (each house has a filtered water cooler and water heater)

  • Halogen lamps, sunlamps, small appliances

  • Candles, matches, incense, lighters or any incendiary devices

  • Animals of any kind

  • Poker chips

  • Large fabric wall hangings (unless tagged as flame resistant)

  • Posters and decorations that are disrespectful or offensive in any way

Please view The Boarding Parents FAQ's for additional information.