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Concord Academy

Concord Academy Weekend Types and Dates

Weekend descriptions and schedule for 2019-2020

Activity Weekends   

Most weekends at CA are regarded as open activity weekends; all students are strongly encouraged to participate in the weekend programs and activities that are planned for these weekends. Boarders may leave for part or all of the weekend and there are no participation requirements for day students.  Boarders must be back on campus by 7:00 p.m. on Sunday nights for house meetings and programming. 

Community Weekends

The events on these weekends are designed to foster a sense of community and increase interaction among students of all ages and backgrounds. Day students and boarders are expected to attend at least one event on campus over the course of a community weekend. Boarders are asked to stay on campus for these weekends (no Overnight Passes please); exceptions are granted if the overnight is with a group and is therefore community enriching.  Community Weekends are on the following dates: 

         September 6-8; 13-15

         January 10-12

         March 27-29

         May 15-17

Long Weekends    

These weekends occur when classes are not scheduled on a Monday. Fewer students remain at the school, affording the opportunity for small groups to take advantage of cultural activities in the area. Houses remain open during long weekends.

October 11-15 (Family Weekend ends Saturday afternoon, October 12 - no classes Monday or Tuesday)

February 14-17 (Presidents Day) - No classes Monday

April 17-20 (Patriots’ Day)--No classes Monday

"No New Homework" Weekend

On this weekend, teachers are asked not to assign new homework over the weekend to enable students to focus on other commitments including preparing college applications, participating in extracurricular events, and continuing work on long-term assignments.

October  11-15

Community Dinner and Programming

Two to three evenings per semester the boarding community comes together a community dinner, which is usually theme based or formal in attire, and includes a cultural celebration. Boarders are expected to return to campus if on a day or overnight pass by 5:30pm on these dates. 

Monday, September 3 (Boarder and Campus Resident Welcome)

Sunday, November 17  (Thanksgiving Celebration)  

Thursday, December 19 (Senior Holiday Chapel)

Sunday, January 26  (Lunar New Year Celebration)  

Please note, throughout the course of the year, students could have required commitments that may occur during any weekend throughout the school year (ex: Saturday games, Mainstage tech weekends, kitchen duty, etc.). For specific activities, see the Weekend Bulletin posted on the CA website at the end of every week.