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Concord Academy

CARE Program

Concord Academy Residential Enrichment (CARE) Program 

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CA's CARE Program was established to pair a distant boarding student with a local CA family. The CARE Program matches boarding students, if they so desire, with a local family for the academic year, providing a friendly connection in the local community. CARE families do things such as provide notes or treats for their CARE student, take them on outings such as apple picking, to the movies, out for ice cream, or invite them to their home for dinner -- a little slice of family life for a CA boarder. Local CARE families also create a network of CARE families in their CARE students residential house for support and occasional group programming.

This is a year-long commitment with the hope for monthly student to family contact, though the program is flexible according to the needs of the match  as well as what the family is able to provide. Below are key times CARE Families should keep in mind:


CARE Student and Family Information - In late August CARE families receive the name of their CARE student, along with their parents’ contact information. CARE families are encouraged to reach out to the parents of their CARE student to introduce themselves, exchange contact info, and answer any questions they may have, if they are not able to meet in person.

CARE Family Welcome & Orientation 

This is usually held on Friday of new student orientation and is the time when those local families that are part of the CARE Program meet go through a short orientation. It is a chance to meet and connect with each other and learn some best practices of being a CARE family. If possible, CARE families meet the parents of their CARE student for lunch on this day following registration.    


CARE Family Dinner 

This is a chance to have dinner with your CARE student. 


Family Weekend 

If your CARE student’s family is unable to attend Family Weekend, many CARE families will offer to attend a few classes with your student and provide them with a sense of family.

Exam time: 

Care packages or small offerings of support are lovely at these stressful times.

Other contacts and times to gather together are planned organically between the individuals who have been matched together. 

If you are interested in becoming a CARE family, or having your child be matched with a local family, please sign up on the registration forms or contact one of us directly. We hope you will consider participating in this wonderful program!



Lexie Olmsted P'22 '23                     Meredith Walsh                                                  Sally Zimmerli         

Co-Chair, CARE Program                 Parent Program Officer                                      Dean of Students