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Concord Academy

Driving, dropping off, and parking

Due to the evolving situation around Covid-19, the information found on this page is subject to change. Please see our Healthy Concord webpage for the most up to date information about Concord Academy’s response and reopening plans. 

Driving to and from CA:

Junior and senior day students are allowed to drive to and from school, but must follow all driving and parking protocols as outlined in the Student Handbook. The link to this section of the Handbook can be found here.

Dropping off/Picking up from CA:

To avoid backup lines on Main Street, please follow these important rules for dropping off at CA:

  • When dropping off or picking up at Aloian Circle, please drive all the way to the end of the circle, moving up as quickly as possible. Please do not block traffic on Main Street when the circle is full. Instead, drive by and return to enter Aloian Circle after the backup has cleared. Also, please follow the posted left turn restrictions at the Aloian Circle exit. There are no left turns allowed Monday - Friday from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. This is our way to help the flow of traffic exiting Aloian during peak morning and afternoon times, when it's difficult to cross westbound traffic to go towards Concord Center.
  • Concord Academy is a "No-Idle Zone." Parents, please turn off your car engines while waiting to pick up your students in Aloian Circle. For every two minutes of idling, a car uses the same amount of fuel it would use if traveling one mile.


  • On-campus parking for the community is located in the West Gate lot. While there are some free spaces along Main St. (now that the mobile parking requirement has been removed by the town) we recommend that all students park in the lot when space allows.
  • Parking at CA is limited to adult members of our community as well as seniors and juniors.
  • All cars must be registered with CA for and have a parking sticker visibly affixed to the vehicle. This allows us to contact the owner in rare cases that it's needed. 
  • The Aloian half-circle is visitor-only parking.

Seniors and juniors who will be driving to campus need to complete the Student Parking Request Form here on CA Connect. If you have any questions about these permits, please contact Sarah Woods at