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Concord Academy

When my child gets sick while boarding

What to do if my child gets sick while boarding at Concord Academy?

The Health Center is open from Monday-Friday between 8am and 7pm. After hours, and on weekends, there is a nurse available at all hours via the on-call nurse phone at 978-402-2390.

The Health Center nurses work closely with the school physician, athletic trainers and counselors. The school physician comes to campus to see students every other week for appointments, and is available to see students at her local private practice in Concord when necessary. The nurses arrange these appointments, and provide transportation when necessary.

Off Campus Medical Appointments:  Parents are welcome to arrange off-campus medical appointments for their students. If assistance is needed to bring the student to a medical appointment, we ask that the parent communicate the appointment day/time as soon as it is arranged so that our team can prepare accordingly.  It is best to arrange these appointments during free blocks or after school. Often, the nurse schedules the appointments for students to see specialists, in consultation with the school doctor. In these cases, parents are notified via email or phone. If a parent would like to accompany their child to any appointment, and is able to do so, that is always a great option. Otherwise, the nurse will communicate with the parent re: the findings/recommendations of the specialist/health care provider seen.

How do I find a local health care provider for my child? It’s always best to check with your insurance company for a list of providers who accept your particular insurance plan. The nurses can then help to schedule appointments around a student’s schedule, and arrange transportation. The Health Center team has experience working with many local providers and can help advise parents anytime. Health Center office phone 978-402-2333.

What if my child is sick at boarding school?  Students should let the school nurse know if they are unwell, either by visiting the Health Center or calling the nurse on-call after office hours. They can also notify their House Faculty, who will call the nurse for guidance. The nurse will either arrange to meet with the ill student or direct the House Faculty in providing care. Students who have a fever are encouraged to stay in their room, rest and hydrate overnight and to come to the Health Center at 8am the following day for assessment and care. The Houses are closed during the day. Parents, advisor and house faculty are notified when a student needs to spend the entire school day in the Health Center. Parents are welcome to check in at any time with the nurse for updates or information. Of course, parents are always welcome to bring their child home for rest and recovery if possible. Or, they may ask a relative or close friend have their child off-campus during illness. 

Part of living in any community and attending classes, especially during the colder months, means exposure to germs. Students are taught about the importance of hand-washing and “cough etiquette” as well as avoiding sharing water-bottles, eating utensils, etc. There is no way to “isolate” a child who is sick with a cold or flu, but nurses spend time reinforcing common sense infection control measures and provide an annual school-wide flu vaccination program.

In an Emergency: 911 will be called by the House Faculty, Nurse or other adult in CA community, and the student will be transported to Emerson Hospital. Parents are notified as soon as possible, and a CA adult (often the school nurse, or athletic trainer, coach or school counselor) will remain at the hospital with the student until the student is discharged or the parent arrives.

(Please refer to the CA Handbook for questions regarding medications.)