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Concord Academy

Visual Identity: Logos and Standards

This page contains logo files, brand guidelines, and a color palette for Concord Academy's visual identity. These files and documents can be shared with third party vendors — printers, sign makers, etc. — as needed. If you are asked to provide a logo for CA, but are unsure of which one to choose, or have any other questions about CA's visual identity system and guidelines, please be in touch with someone in the marketing and communications department.

All of these files can also be found here on Google Drive.

How to Order Business Cards, Letterhead, and Stationery

If you would like to order business cards, letterhead, or other stationery, for yourself or your department, please place an order through Ambit's portal using the following login credentials:

You will have to create a username and login for this.

Ambit has design files for all of our stationery, but they are also linked below if needed. Ambit has design files for all of our stationery, but they are also linked below if needed. Should you have any questions, please let a member of the marketing and communications team know. Should you have any trouble with the portal, please be in touch with Joe Stevens at Ambit by email at:

How to Add the Seal to Your Email Signature

Click here for detailed instructions on how to add the seal to your email signature.

Logo Files  

See primary logos here, and all other logo files in Google Drive at this link, including pdfs, and high and low resolution for print or web.
EPS is always the ideal logo version to share, unless otherwise requested. Never distort a logo from its original proportions.

Haines House Seal

Haines House File Key
Haines House (eps)
​Haines House (jpeg)

Logotype (eps)
Logotype (jpeg)

Chameleon (eps)
Chameleon (jpeg)

CA Athletics
CA Athletics (eps)
CA Athletics (jpeg)


Galliard (Galliard sometimes shows up as ITCGalliard in your font list depending on the program you are using)

If you need help installing fonts on your computer, please consult these guides:


Generic Letterhead for Print-on-Demand Use

Letterhead (word doc)

Letterhead (pdf)


Fax Template


Editorial Style Guide

Editorial Style Guide