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Appendix J: Concord Academy Social Media Policy

Appendix J: Concord Academy Social Media Policy

This social media policy is designed to provide a framework for guiding appropriate use of social media for members of the CA community; it is not intended to be exhaustive and is written with the assumption that specific situations will be judged against the spirit of these guidelines.


In order to best serve the CA community and our students, we ask that all members of the CA community — students, faculty, and staff — use the same values, ethics, and confidentiality policies to which we are held every day in their social media usage. One’s responsibility to Concord Academy doesn’t end when you are off campus.


In general, student use of social media is monitored when, and if, it is necessary to protect them and the CA community.


We recommend that members of the Concord Academy community:

  • always assume your posts are public and can leave a trail even after being deleted;
  • set their social media profiles to private, so that only approved people can view their updates;
  • keep confidential matters confidential;
  • represent Concord Academy online as you would in person;
  • ask before you act, should you get in trouble or need guidance.

In addition, students are not allowed to create social media accounts or profiles bearing the image or branding of Concord Academy — the chameleon, Haines House seal, logotype, the name or abbreviation for the school, or other identifying marks and images — without the explicit approval of the Marketing & Communications Department.


Students may not be “friends” with, or otherwise directly connected to, any school employee on any social networking site that is not used primarily for educational purposes. If a student is contacted by a school employee via non-school channels for non-educational purposes, the student should immediately notify their advisor or other trusted adult on campus.


If you have questions, please direct them to the Marketing & Communications Department.