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Appendix I: Policy for Public Disclosure of Student Information

Appendix I: Policy for Public Disclosure of Student Information

Concord Academy routinely photographs, videotapes, and writes about school events and student accomplishments for use in internal publications, the CA Website, and official school social media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Occasionally, the school shares student news with media outlets. During the course of a student’s career at Concord Academy, there may be times when it is appropriate to share information publicly about them through these outlets.


Concord Academy is aware of and sensitive to concerns about privacy and safety. As a result, the school has established the following guidelines regarding its public disclosure of student information. Before any public disclosure of student information, Concord Academy considers the following factors:

  • consent of the student’s parent or guardian (or of the student if age 18 or over);
  • type(s) of student information to be used;
  • probable audience for the use.

Concord Academy cannot be held responsible for materials (photos, video, audio) placed without its knowledge or permission online on personal Websites, social media sites (such as Facebook or YouTube), or in other external media. We expect all community members to respect the privacy of others and not identify anyone electronically unless specific permission is provided; to be mindful of copyright issues when posting music, performances, or other potentially copyrighted material; and to set security parameters so postings are not widely available for view.



Type(s) of student information include:

  • personal information such as enrollment at CA, name, hometown, and age;
  • academic information;
  • athletic information;
  • representations of a student’s participation in and the resulting work from curricular, cocurricular, or extracurricular settings, whether on- or off-campus;
  • representations of a student’s image and voice.

Probable audience includes the constituencies who may be reasonably expected to see the information. Concord Academy recognizes that this is not necessarily the same as the intended audience.


Student Information Permitted for External Use

  • confirmation of enrollment at CA;
  • name;
  • town, state, and country of residence;
  • class year and/or age;
  • curricular, co curricular, and extracurricular work;
  • image (still or moving);
  • voice.

Names do not appear with photos on CA’s Web site, though at times the identity of the student pictured may be inferred from the text or a featured student is identified with permission. For external media, names are provided with photographs, which may appear on the media outlets’ websites.


Student Information Not Permitted for External Use

A student’s address will never be provided, nor will personal information.


External use of information includes those uses that can reasonably be expected to reach an audience beyond the school’s current administration, staff, faculty, students, parents, alumnae/i, and trustees, e.g., Web pages, admissions materials, fundraising materials, and media outlets. If a parent or guardian prefers not to disclose the above information about the student for external communications purposes, he or she may notify the school via the annually-provided Parental Permissions Form.


This policy does not apply to the use of information that can reasonably be expected to reach an internal audience, including the school’s current administration, staff, faculty, students, parents, alumnae/i, and trustees, e.g., constituent publications (Concord Academy magazine, the school viewbook), and other school publications. Concord Academy magazine and the school newspaper generally are available publicly on the school Website.


These guidelines are intended to protect the privacy and security of all school community members as well as to ensure and enhance the school’s image in our own community and the community at large.