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Concord Academy

Appendix E: Procedures for Sign-Out

Leaving Campus

Student safety and well-being are the highest priorities of the school.  Students are required to use the following procedures when leaving campus. Necessary forms are available in the Student Life Office unless otherwise noted.

A boarding student intending to leave campus must submit a pass request clarifying their plans.

A day Pass Request must be completed for the following:

  • travel in a car;
  • travel to a private home, including those within the boundaries of the extended campus;
  • travel beyond the extended campus, including travel by car

An Overnight Pass Request must be completed for the following ventures:

  • travel that includes an overnight component (e.g., weekends, breaks, vacations).

A Student must clarify their location on Boardingware if they are:

  • leaving on a CA-sponsored trip where the student will be with a CA chaperone at all times;
  • leaving on school-provided transportation to an athletic event on a weekend;
  • traveling to the Moriarty Athletic Campus as a spectator.

Any visit by a boarding student to a private home on- or off-campus (daytime, evening, or overnight) must be approved by the student’s house parent after a discussion with the parent(s) of the host. This policy includes visits on weeknights or weekend days or evenings to the homes of faculty members who live off-campus.

Pass requests must be approved by a house faculty before the student leaves campus and again upon their return to campus. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that their plans have been approved before leaving campus. When completing an overnight pass, it is expected that a student will be explicit about all preliminary and eventual destinations, as well as about all means of transportation. For example, if a student is planning to spend the night at a friend’s home off-campus but is also planning to go elsewhere (e.g., a movie, a restaurant, another private home), they are expected to indicate each destination in the pass request.

A change of travel plans that takes place after a student signs out must be communicated to the house parent on duty before the change occurs; otherwise, it will be considered a breach of trust. A hosting parent is not authorized to provide a boarding student permission to change his or her travel plans—only house faculty may provide permission. A hosting parent must call the house parent on duty to inform them of any and all changes or if plans have been cancelled. It is also expected that the student will sleep at the host’s home without access to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco and will be supervised at all times. Failure to abide by the letter and spirit of blue-slip procedures is a very serious offense.

On weekdays, the roamer, AOD, or the student life office may approve a day pass request.

Local Expeditions

Boarding students may who have been approved via the methods outlined above may travel on weekends. When traveling on public transportation, students must do so in pairs during the day and in threes after dark. Normally, underclassmen are not allowed to travel alone into Boston or Cambridge without special permission from the acting director of student life or the administrator on duty. Parents of students in the senior class may give permission to house parents to use their own discretion if their child intends to travel alone into Boston or Cambridge during the day. Students are not allowed to travel on public transportation alone at night without explicit, written parental approval.

Overnight Policy for Boarding Students

The school’s overnight policy is designed to suit the needs of various age groups and to strike a healthy balance between students’ participation in the weekend life of the school and their freedom to be away from school.

The following regulations affect boarding students and are of interest to boarding students and their parents, but should also be noted by day students and their parents:

  • With the exception of switch nights or cultural events, boarding students may not take overnights Sunday through Thursday;
  • A student taking an overnight must have his or her pass request approved by the house faculty on duty prior to their departure;
  • Boarding students who live locally are encouraged to spend most weekends at school. A boarding student may sign out home only if his or her parents are present, and if the proper blue slip protocol has been followed;

Students are NOT allowed to sign out with an overnight host or hostess who is under the age of 25. Seniors may do so, but only with permission after the following four requirements have been met:

  • The overnight host or hostess resides on a college campus;
  • The overnight host or hostess must call the student’s house parent and advise them of the invitation, as well as of their situation (e.g., age, location, plans);
  • The student’s house parent must communicate with the student’s parents and advise them of the circumstances of the overnight, including any concerns the house parent may have regarding the overnight. Understanding the circumstances, as well as any concerns of the house parent, the student’s parents must provide permission for the overnight;
  • Transportation and other details associated with the overnight must agree with the information on the student permission form provided by the student’s parents at the beginning of the year.

Using their own discretion, house faculty always have the right to withhold permission for off-campus travel or overnights. Overall reminders about overnight passes are:

  • Last-minute invitations requiring day or evening sign-outs will generally be accepted if a student intends to return to campus by house check-in;
  • No weekend, school break, or vacation plans may begin until all school commitments have been met. Exceptions to this policy may be granted only by the dean of students or the academic dean;
  • Students are expected to return to campus from an overnight by check-in at 7:30 p.m. on Sundays (5:30 p.m. on Boarding Community Dinner weekends); Students who are late for check-in without special permission from their house parent, the acting director of student life or the administrator on duty can expect disciplinary consequences;
  • The school does not approve of unchaperoned parties or gatherings. The school does not allow students under its jurisdiction to attend such parties.

The school expects that parents who host a boarding student will share with the school all responsibility for that student while in their care. Parent hosts should provide proper chaperonage for gatherings of students and should not allow alcohol , tobacco, or drug use by students. Additionally, parent hosts should encourage a reasonable number of hours of sleep for all students in their care.

All students are bound by the rules and policies of Concord Academy.