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Concord Academy

Appendix C: Sanctuary Policy for Alcohol and Other Drugs

The objective of the school’s sanctuary policy is to encourage students to contact adults in the community and seek help or to assist other students. When a student’s drug or alcohol use poses an immediate threat to his or her safety, the student at risk or other concerned students may come to an adult and request sanctuary. Sanctuary is not a place, it is an action and students are encouraged to take action if they are concerned about safety. The school’s sanctuary policy includes the following:

  • If the student is on campus, they will be evaluated by the Health Center staff and, if necessary, immediate medical treatment will be provided. The student’s parents will be contacted as soon as possible and overnight arrangements will be made for the student;
  • The administrator on duty, the assistant head/academic dean, and the student’s advisor will be notified, but no formal disciplinary action will be taken. The student will be required to see a counselor, complete a drug and alcohol evaluation, begin mandatory alcohol and drug testing for a calendar year (paid for by the family) and follow the recommendations of that evaluation;
  • Because our primary concern is for student health and immediate safety, a request for sanctuary will be granted any time a student's immediate health is at risk.


A student who is caught in violation of the school’s drug and alcohol policy will not be granted sanctuary but will still be evaluated as outlined above.