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Appendix C: Policy for Drug Testing

Appendix C: Policy for Drug Testing


Student use of alcohol or other drugs is against school policy. Concord Academy has developed a comprehensive program to support students who are in violation of the school’s drug and alcohol policy, aimed at helping them to remain drug-free.


Unannounced drug testing of a student may be initiated by the Health Center staff in response to either a drug and alcohol rules violation or when sufficient community concern is raised about a student. In all cases, the student’s parents will be notified of the situation and the school’s response. The cost of drug testing will be the parents’ responsibility and will be billed to the student’s account.


Drug testing will be initiated in the following circumstances:


·         As a mandatory condition of return to Concord Academy following disciplinary action for a drug or alcohol offense. 

·         When a constellation of community concerns includes, but is not limited to, falling grades, attitude or behavior issues, appearance, and missed appointments. In conversations with a member of the Health Center staff, the dean of students, or the dean of academic program and equity, the student and their parents will be made aware of the non-disciplinary concerns. If unresolved, drug testing may follow, or be in conjunction with, other interventions including weekly reports, tutoring, or counseling. An initial positive test for a student not involved with a disciplinary event will be treated as a health concern. Parents will be notified of a positive result, and a plan of support for that student will be designed in consultation with the Health Center staff to meet the individual student’s medical and counseling needs. The student must comply with the support plan in order to remain enrolled at Concord Academy.


Following an initial positive test, drug testing will be administered to the student on an unannounced basis for 12 months. If there is sufficient community concern for a student following the 12 month testing period, drug testing may be resumed at any time during the student’s Concord Academy career.


A positive drug test at any time during a student’s career could result in an immediate leave or a possible withdrawal or dismissal from the school.