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Concord Academy

01.0 Expectations and Standards

Concord Academy Mission Statement

We are a community animated by love of learning,

diverse and striving for equity,

with common trust as our foundation.


Honoring each individual, we challenge and expand

our understanding of ourselves and the world

through purposeful collaboration and creative engagement.


We cultivate empathy, integrity, and responsibility

to build a more just and sustainable future.


Common Trust as our Foundation

Common Trust is the foundation from which the school is built. Common Trust is the principle that members of the community will treat others with respect and dignity in all interactions.

Common Trust is guided by the twin principles of honor and good sense. The school relies on the mutual respect of all community members, including a genuine concern for the emotions, possessions, and personal rights of all persons. Implicit in this statement is the importance of honoring differences in individuals and allowing for the development of each individual’s full potential within the context of community responsibility. The school can achieve its collective goals only if all its members respect one another. While each person strives to reach individual goals, they must bear in mind the goals of the community.

We expect our students to be rigorous in their academic honesty and scrupulous in their behavior, and the school articulates those expectations through explanation, discussion and tradition. The school also reinforces these standards through its rules, which establish the framework in which the best interests of all persons are served. The following acts are examples of behavior that endanger the safety and continuity of the community and consequently are not tolerated:

  • lying

  • cheating

  • stealing

  • plagiarism

  • disrespect

  • violations of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

  • violations of the Drug and Alcohol policy

  • hazing, bullying, fighting, and vandalism

  • harassment, particularly on the basis of race, sex, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression

  • sexual violence

In addition, the school adheres to all federal, state, and town laws. Concord Academy believes that its rules codify the honor and good sense it expects of its students and help satisfy the school’s role as both an educational institution and a caretaker for students under the school’s jurisdiction.