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Windows Guide to adding a campus printer


This is a guide to adding a network printer for windows computers.

Adding Campus Printers to your laptop

In order to add a printer to your laptop, you will need to search for the Network Location that reports CA printers, prove you are allowed to print, and then download the drivers. You will do this through Windows Explorer, which is sometimes reached by an icon labeled Computer or My Computer, or use the keyboard shortcut [Windows key + E].

Adding Campus Printers to your laptop

1) In windows explorer, enter \\

Windows Explorer:
1) In the navigation window, paste the following text:
Then hit the enter key.

The Windows Security Network Password prompt will appear.

You need to enter 1) a fully qualified domain name, i.e.\username and 2) your password.

Go Printer Shopping!

Double-click on the printer you want.


Install Driver.

Windows Printer Installation -- Copying Files...

Wait patiently. Then print.

Repeat as neccesary.