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Concord Academy

Windows Guide to adding a campus printer


This is a guide to adding a network printer for Windows computers.

Adding Campus Printers to your PC laptop.

In order to add a printer to your laptop, you will need to download an application called Mobility Print. Follow the instructions below to do this:


1. In your browser enter http://caprint:9163/setup

In your browser:
1) In the navigation window, paste the following text:
Then hit the enter key.

2. In the window that appears click on "Click this link to download and run the Mobility Print installer."

1. The Mobility Print installer will download

2. You should see pc-mobility-printer-setup-1.0.250.exe at the bottom of your browser window.

3. Double-click the this file to begin the install and follow the prompts.

3. Select the printer(s) that you want to add to the computer.

1. Once installed Mobility Print will automatically open. Select the printer or printers that you want to add by checking to box next to the printer name.

2. Click Next and the printers will be added to your computer. 

4. Repeat as necessary.

If you wish to add other printers at a different time. Simply search Mobility Print in the search window on your task bar. Double click the Mobility Print app to launch it, and repeat the process.