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Concord Academy

New Parents guide to the CA Computing Environment

This page is to provide you with an introduction to Concord Academy’s computer environment for boarding and day students, and to give you basic information to help guide your selection of computer technology.


There is currently no requirement for students to have personally-owned computers for their work at CA; all students have access to school-provided resources including computer labs and in-classroom computers for both general and discipline-specific uses.


However, as in-class and other uses of online tools continue to increase, it is valuable for each student to have a laptop computer of his or her own. In order to assure that any computer brought to campus is suited to work well with our systems and to provide the most trouble-free operation, we offer some guidelines in Computer Purchasing Recomendations page, available here on the CA Knowledge Base, CA Connect.


It is also important to recognize that, while mobile devices (e.g., smart phones, tablets, etc.) will be able to access many of the tools being used in classes and elsewhere, they do not yet provide enough utility to be used exclusively (instead of a laptop) for school-related work.


Students are permitted to connect their personally-owned computers and mobile devices to the campus network, but must realize that doing so entails a number of important responsibilities. We remind all parents and students to read the Acceptable Use Policy, and to make particular note of Section 6, which covers policies specifically related to the responsibility you assume by using a personally-owned device on the campus network, and the steps you are expected to take to protect others’ ability to use school computing resources. Note that use of the campus network from personally-owned devices is a privilege that may be suspended or removed at any time at the discretion of the student’s advisor, house parents, the Dean of Students and Community Life, or the IT Service department.