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Concord Academy

Guest Wireless for Computers

As a part of upgrading our campus-wide infrastructure, one of the new features we have built for visitors is the ability to access to Concord Academy’s wireless network while on campus via laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It’s fast, and it’s easy.


Below, find instructions on how you can connect your laptop, smartphone, or other wireless device to the guest network. Here you can download a one-page pdf of these instructions.

First Step

Click on your wireless network icon and select the network titled, “CA-Guest”

Second Step

Open your preferred web browser and a landing page should prompt you to enter your name, email, telephone number, and cell phone carrier. Once you’ve filled that out, check the box that signifies that you accept the terms of use and then click the button labeled, “Register.”

Third Step

You should receive a text that will provide you with a password for your access to the CA-Guest Network. Please wait at least 5 minutes BEFORE typing that password into the subsequent log in screen. After 5 minutes, please type in the password, check the terms of use box again and click the “Log In” button. The following page should confirm your access to the network. The last thing you’ll need to do is click “Log-In” once more and then you’re done!

For those connecting with Apple iOS devices

Connect your device using these four steps: 1) Select the "CA Guest" wifi network; 2) Open Safari (only Safari works, not Chrome) and fill out the registration fields, and click "Register"; 3) On the following page, click "Login"; 4) Use the password texted to your phone to register your device. From there, you should be connected.

We’re very happy to provide yet another opportunity for you to remain connected as a part of our community here at Concord Academy.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the IT Services department, by calling (978) 402-2297, or emailing