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Concord Academy

IT Services


The IT Services department is charged with providing a wide range of support and services for the CA Community. If you are interested in IT support, please contact the Support Helpdesk by emailing:

This will create a help ticket in our internal support tracking system. The ticket-tracking system allows multiple support agents to view your request, and respond with the scope of our institutional Service Level Agreement. 


You can also call (978) 402-2297. This is the IT Services help support line.

An agent will then identify if your problem can be solved immediately, is part of a larger system issue, or requires more intensive follow-up. As the particular IT Services representative that answers the phone might not be able to help you immediately, a ticket will be created for you. 


Please email or call (978) 402-2297 with a tech support request, rather than sending an email to individuals in the department directly. Please do not add other email addresses to the CC field of the email, or add the Tech Support email address to the CC field of a message directed at another person. IT Services department agents use the system to troubleshoot whole school issues, and it is preferable to see five users reporting the same problem (it suggests scope of impact to the community). 


If you are having problems logging in to your email, please send us a support request through the OneLogin portal page (the green help button) INCLUDING AN ALTERNATE EMAIL ADDRESS OR CONTACT NUMBER. We really want to help you get back to your account, but can't do it we don't know how to contact you.


In accordance to our Service Level Agreement, The IT Services Department is committed to supporting technology initiatives at CA that further academic ventures, with a best-effort priority and scope scheme. Simply put, we prioritize problems that affect the entire campus over problems that affect a single individual, and we prioritize the Loss of all functionality over requests for install or new feature additions.

When filling out the support request, please describe the nature of your problem as best you can. Please indicate if you are using a personal computer, what operating system that you are using, and what browser. 

Best Practices for success with our new tools:

  • Keep one browser for personal accounts (like Firefox) and a different browser for school accounts (like Google Chrome).
  • Use a supported browser for school accounts (not an OS-installed browser like Internet Explorer or Safari).
  • Keep you browser updated. Have a problem? Refresh the browser page or Sign out and Sign in again.
  • Keep personal email correspondence in personal accounts, and CA-related emails in CA accounts. 
  • Browser Extensions can sometimes cause problems. Learn how to disable and enable extensions.
  • Our Enterprise Google Apps tools will sometimes behave differently than consumer Google Tools. 


To get to our Helpdesk Portal, please visit this link.


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