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Concord Academy

Community and Equity


Concord Academy’s Community and Equity Office works in support of the school’s mission of embracing and broadening the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and talents of its people and in response to the school’s core belief that diversity fosters respect for others and genuine exchange of ideas.

CA’s appreciation of the vibrant array of individuals and the variety of cultures that contribute to life on campus is rooted in the knowledge that diversity doesn’t arise from one sector of the population. Rather, diversity at CA is a picture of the whole, a reflection of the complexity and richness that results when students and adults come together, carrying stories of their individual origins, cultures, and backgrounds, and testing out their own unique identities through the contrasts and commonalities that they recognize between themselves and the larger school community.


Who we are:

Peter Boskey
Interim Dean for Community & Equity

Leah Cabrera
Community & Equity Team Member 

Courtney Fields-Thomas
Community & Equity Team Member 

Kirsten Hoyte 
Community & Equity Team Member

Thomas Mandala
Community & Equity Team Member