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Standardized Testing Calendar and Guide

Standardized Testing Calendar (italics denote testing that may not apply to all students)                                                                             

Sophomore Year:

October                        PSAT                               Note: registration is automatic.

May or June               Subject Test(s)              (depending on coursework, and if your teacher recommends it; note that few sophomores are prepared to

                            take Subject Tests)                       

Junior Year:

October                        PSAT                                Note: registration is automatic.

Dec/March                  SAT                                   Note: most students will focus on either the ACT or the SAT. Please consult with your college counselor. 

  OR                              OR

Feb/April                     ACT                               

May                              AP Exams                        (depending on coursework, and if your teacher recommends it)     

June                             Subject Tests (2)            Decide which subjects to take in consultation with your teachers and college counselor.

Senior Year:

Aug/Oct/Nov              SAT/Subject Tests         Re-take, if necessary 

Sept/Oct                      ACT                                  Re-take, if necessary

May                             AP Exams                        (depending on coursework, and if your teacher recommends it)       



CA Coursework & SAT Subject Tests:                                                              

Students should consult with their teachers and advisors, but as a general guide, below are our departmental recommendations (assuming the

student has performed well in class). Remember that many selective colleges and universities to do not require Subject Tests.

Subject Test:

When to take test:


Not before completion of level 3 of a language.


At or near the end of junior­ year.

Math Level 1

After completing Statistics or Accelerated Precalculus.

Math Level 2

After successfully completing Statistics, Trigonometry, and Precalculus, OR after taking Accelerated Precalculus and Accelerated Trigonometry.


At the end of a course; students perform best with Advanced or Accelerated coursework. Some additional independent study and preparation may be required.

U.S. History

Upon completion of U.S. history coursework. Additional independent study and preparation will be required.