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Concord Academy

How to access PSAT scores (for Students)

Juniors and sophomores can access their 2016 PSAT scores online on December 12. Students who provided an email address during the PSAT administration should receive an email linking them directly to the PSAT score portal. Students who do not receive such an email need not worry; they can simply go to All students must have a College Board account in order to obtain their scores. Sophomores will need to set up an account, which can be done using the "sign up" tool. Juniors should already have College Board accounts, as they needed them to register for the SAT. Juniors who can't remember their log-in information can use the “forgot user name or password” tool.

If a student has any issues logging in to the score portal, signing up for a College Board account, or accessing PSAT scores, the student should call the College Board at 866 433-7728. In order to receive assistance, students may need the school code for Concord Academy, which is 220640.

Students' PSAT test booklets will be put in their CA mailboxes the week of December 12. They should take care not to misplace the booklet; they will not receive a replacement copy.

The College Board has posted a video on YouTube to help students and parents understand the scores as well as a guide to understanding the exam.