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Concord Academy

Enigma Math Club


Each Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM we meet on the 1st floor of CA Labs to prepare for math competitions, enjoy some recreational mathematics, or work on logic puzzles.  Everyone is welcome to attend every week or just once if you want to check it out.




Student Officers:

Nora Zhou, Eliana Knight, and Jason He.


Faculty or Staff Advisors:

Shawn Bartok


Recent work:

We attended the Harvard MIT Math Tournament in November and are currently preparing for the AMC as well as a scavenger hunt we plan to host for the school.  Please email any of the faculty advisor(s) or cohead(s) with questions or for more information.



List of summer math camps US​ (word doc)​​​

List of summer math camps in US (pdf)


Current Problem of the Fortnight:

Isla and Barry are coloring together when Isla gets an idea for a game.  She will draw a shape and then Barry will choose the color Isla will use to color in the shape.   However, each shape that Isla draws after the first must share a border with at least one of the previously drawn shapes (like she’s drawing a map of neighboring countries).  Barry is not allowed to choose a color that any neighboring shape already uses.  For example, in the below illustration Barry cannot choose blue or red for the newly drawn region because it has neighbors that are blue and red.  However, he could choose to color it yellow since the yellow shape does not neighbor it.

Since it’s a game, there must be a way to win.  Isla wins if she can force Barry to use six (or more) colors.  Barry wins if the whole page gets colored in with fewer than six colors.

Question: Can Isla win?  Explain.

Solutions are due by 3:30 PM on 1/31.  See Shawn with questions (office 212).