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Concord Academy

Concord Academy Students in Action (CASA)




The mission of CASA is to provide a way for CA students to get involved                                                                        in hands-on, student-initiated projects that serve the local community.



Student Officers: Sam Culbert, Lucy Hollister, Aidan O'Shea, Caroline Stotz


Meetings take place on Wednesdays during club block in room 312.

Visitors are always welcome!


Faculty or Staff Advisors: Annie Falk, Susan Flink


Calendar of Departmental Events:


Activities So Far This Year:

- Pie in the Sky sale on Family Weekend

- Pumpkin bread baking for the Food Pantry

- Christmas gifts for the children at Brookview House


Current Activities:

- Mother's Day Gifts for the moms at Brookview House

- Fundraising to benefit earthquake relief efforts in Nepal


On-going Activities:

- Trips to Pine Street Inn and Cor Unum

- Pet supplies collection for animal shelters






Coming soon!


Special offerings by this organization:


Use the links below to access pages for our special offerings!

Coming soon!

Current Resources and Supporting Pages