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Concord Academy

Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club

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Chemistry club is a group that meets once a week to do various experiments and blow stuff up. For evidence, see below. If you would like to join, come to our meetings or email Betsy Hillier (


Meeting Time and Location:

Wednesdays at Club Block in Room 214.


Club Officers:

Co-Heads: Betsy Hillier, Caroline Hillier, Rebecca Yang


Faculty Advisor:

Denise Alfonso


Previous projects:

C60 Molecule




Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Elephant's Toothpaste


Carbon Worm

Mentos and Coke

Reuben's Tube

Iodine Clock Reaction

Storm Glass

Hot Ice: Crystallization of Sodium Acetate

Sodium Chloride Crystal Farm

Non-Newtonian Fluids